Untitled 3

Now that the world

has shown you it’s ugly.

Carved scars out

of your innocence. Deemed

you too broken for public consumption.




Head tilted back,

mouth fully open

like you’ll never catch

enough air. Like you’re trying

to swallow the universe.


Kelsey Taylor


Natural Disaster

I was born

during an earthquake

that’s the only way

to explain the wreckage,

the destruction.


I’ve always been

a condemned zone

of something once loved.

More rattle

than shake.


Incapable of stability

I seek shelter

in the rubble

of damaged things.


Kelsey Taylor

In Case Of Evacuation

Do not set the alarm

on your house;

it won’t stop

fire from intruding.


Do not hide

in your house

the flames will come,

fully armed

to destroy.


Do surrender.

Your house,

your belongings,


with your hands raised.


Kelsey Taylor


Summer Book Recommendations

I’m one of those people that compiles books throughout the year in anticipation for summer. Don’t get me wrong, I read year round, but there’s always other obligations that can turn a normally quick read into a month long task.

This year in particular, I may have went a little overboard when gathering books. (My pile is haphazardly leaning against the wall of my bedroom in a stack that amounts to more than forty books). I could blame a lot of things on this: the numerous book sales, the amazon gift cards and the advice that your supposed to read what you want to write. (Well I write pretty much everything, so that amounts to a lot of books). Thankfully, I don’t like classics or that would be a whole other genre to conquer.

While  I don’t feel comfortable listing what’s in my pile, as I see that as a form of recommendation, there are quite a few books I’ve read this year that I would recommend. Whether you’re a piler like me or a get as you go kind of person these books should end up on your list at some point:

Room- Emma Donoghue (Fiction)

Girl On The Train – Paula Hawkins (Fiction/Thriller)

5th Wave- Rick Yancey (YA Fiction)

Damascus House- Corrina Wycoff (Fiction)

No Matter The Wreckage- Sarah Kay (Poetry)

Chronology of Water- Lidia Yuknavitch (Nonfiction)


For anyone who just reads to read these are all great stories, but for those of you who read to write, and pick apart books like you would those on craft. These stories hold some of the best components of writing I’ve stumbled across this year.

Leave a comment down below and let me know if you’ve read any of these, I’m curious as to what your thoughts were, or let me know some of what’s on your book list. Who knows they just might end up on mine.




Backwards Life

A lot of us live our lives in the fast lane, but this person didn’t, I guess you could say they did things a little bit backwards.


Beeping stopped.

Drowning began.

He’s swimming

in his fluids, the doctor said.

I didn’t know

it had gotten this bad. Two years

of waiting, there’s still no match.

His name is on the transplant list.

They administer medicine.

Monitors beep,

It’s your liver,

but I never drank, he said.


Kelsey Taylor